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  • Parks in Portland

    Portland is an amazing city which stands out with its natural beauty. Thousands of people moved to Portland after visiting it during a weekend city break and the explanation to this is simple: they fell in love with it. It is quite difficult not to fall in love with this city. The food is amazing, the people are welcoming and the parks in Portland have become part of everyday life. You can watch free outdoor movies or join a kickball tournament or if you are a fan of concerts, there are plenty of them happening in at least one of Portland’s parks. If you want to make sure that you are not missing some of the best parks in Portland, then you need to check out Mill Ends Park, which is renowned for being the smallest park in the country or Elk Rock Island, where you can go swimming and have a taste of what it would be like to own a private island. Also, don’t miss the Overlook Park, a stunning place with sports facilities and a climbing tree that your kids will just love.


    Now that you know more about the parks in Portland, you should know that the attractive features of this city don’t end here. Did you know that for many, Portland is a tax free city? How is this possible? Well, there are professionals such as the experts at Portland Instant Tax Attorney who can help you get up to 90% of all tax deducted. This is the tax resolution firm that finally thinks about your well-being and your financial stability, so allow one of its professionals to represent your interests. Schedule an appointment with one of these tax lawyers and you’ll quickly realize that they truly have a lot of experience in this field. All you have to do is to trust these guys.


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